Ligfærd - De Ilde Varslers Ånder 7"
Ligfærd - De Ilde Varslers Ånder 7"
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Brutal danish black metal. They started out as Hrapp in 2000 but changed name to Ligfærd in 2005 as it suited their style of black metal. This is aggressive and fast black metal like in the early/mid 90's, somewhat in vein of Marduk, Setherial and Funeral Mist with the own unique touch. Death, Darkness and Dispair awaits! Limited to 333 copies on black vinyl. Tracklist: Side A 1. De Ilde Varslers Ånder 2. De Hedenfarnes Færd Side B 1. Når Dombasunen Lyder 2. Anno Domini 950
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