Vomit Angel "Sadomatic Evil" mcd
Vomit Angel "Sadomatic Evil" mcd
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Debut mcd from danish sadogrind metal band Vomit Angel featuring the original lineup from Sadogoat. Necrodevil and Lord Titan are back doing what they do best - raw, repulsive and goat worshipping metal. The 18 minuttes mcd has something new, something old and something borrowed. The stabbing hobos are back. "You’re probably expecting a lot of bestiality and filth from what I’ve told you so far, and the music is definitely primitive and ugly, but man, the songs are also highly addictive. There’s a deep, gut-punching tone to the drums and the bass, and the riffs are coated in distortion in a way that makes them sound… festering and foul. The combined effect is like some big, corroded steamroller that’s also part jackhammer. The band also spice up the music with… cowbell… and a 24-second romp named “Cotard”… and a lot of rhythmic variety, including a healthy dose of feral punk ass-kickery, some dirge-like crawling, and eruptions of outright mayhem. The vocals sound like a hybrid of crocodile and wolf, feeding and vomiting. And the riffs hit the reptile part of the brain like a spear." Side A 1. Sadomator 03:14 Show lyrics 2. Time Travel 02:48 Show lyrics 3. Cotard 00:24 Show lyrics 4. Voices in the Wind 03:09 Show lyrics Side B 5. Host of Darkness 01:17 Show lyrics 6. Time of the Moon* 03:12 7. Blasting Black Goat Attack** 01:58 8. Female Goat Perversion** 02:26 18:28
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